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Dalian Kaihua New Technology Engineering Co Ltd is a company with shares held by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Dalian city high and new technology enterprises, mainly engaged in research, development, production, sales of building structural adhesives and other adhesives and building structure reinforcement engineering construction, and the unit with special engineering contract qualification first approved by the Ministry of Construction, has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification.

Why to choose Dalian Kaihua

  • The forerunner of the domestic chemical bonding steel reinforcement

    In 1978 it firstly applied the foreign chemical bonding steel reinforcement in the reinforcement of the load bearing beams of Liaoyang Chemical Fiber Plant

  • Founder of JGN building structural adhesive

    The subject of “research, popularization and application of building structural adhesive” was approved in 1980, and it was appraised and accepted jointly by the Ministry of Construction and Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1983.

  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR STRENGTHENING CONCRETE STRUCTURES makes the bonding steel reinforcement technology fit into the specification, and the JGN structural adhesive becomes the unique specified product for use

  • National Invention Exhibition Gold Award winner (1986)

  • The winner of the Technology Progress Award of Chinese Academy of Science (1985)

  • Dalian High Tech Enterprise

  • Industrial Status

    Director of China Adhesive Industry Association

    The member unit of National Building Appraisal and Reinforcement Standard Technical Committee

    The core group member unit of Chinese Engineering Adhesive Committee

    The group unit of China Epoxy Resin Application Technology Society

    The editing unit of GB-50367 and GB-50550

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